Garden Ministry

Thank You God For Answered Prayers!

 “Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds, You can grow flowers or You can grow weeds”.  - William Wordsworth, the Poet

Some of you may remember back on Rutland Ave when I gave my vision for our new church to the congregation. On my list I wrote… a stage for performances, a larger kitchen, and a church with “landscapers”.  Some people chuckled because they understood my wishes.  We were blessed with manicured shrubs, plush grass, a sprinkler system and perennials that come back every year. Thank You God!               

Upon visiting the Maywood Church, I immediately fell in love with the concrete flower box located under the Unity Information Sign on Maywood Ave. While planting flowers in the spring, neighbors passed by and greeted me, “Welcome to the neighborhood.” Some people even took the time to comment on how nice the flowers looked. 

As we transition from spring impatiens to autumn chrysanthemums, the vibrant yellow mums announce to all that pass by that we are here and all are welcomed. So the next time you exit the red doors please take the time to stroll around the property and enjoy the beauty of nature and see just how blessed we are.  

Venessa  St. Clair, Garden Ministry Head