Harmony Cafe


Harmony Café is seeking two more people, men and women to handle the overall management of Harmony Café. Randall Wilkerson and Christina Young have stepped up to help manage. Christina also hosted in July. Thank you to Virna Sanabria who brilliantly served and organized the Café this past year.  The Managers will follow up with volunteers to see that the special Sundays have hosts and cleanup crews.  They will also check for supplies needed to keep it running smoothly.

Teams of volunteers are needed to host Harmony Café for one month.  Patricia Harper and Maritza Guzman have volunteered for September.  Venessa St.Clair has October and the Welcoming Angels have November. Maurice Billups (aka the Coffee Master) has stepped up to permanently make and clean up the coffee. More months are available. See a Board Member to sign up.