Poetry Corner

This New Year

Standing on the threshhold of this brand New Year
The door is open wide
And I can see before me all possibility inside

Releasing what has come to pass, embracing what is now
I expect my Good to come to me in ways I know not how

With love and hope, with faith and joy I open up my heart
To this New Year for it is clear God is with me from the start

Deeply grateful I give thanks for the blessings of this New Year
And as I now step through its door, I know there is nothing to fear

Carolyn Wilson ©1996 All Rights Reserved

Five years ago I was broken

Then I came into your home

I knew from the moment I first entered

I’d never again be alone

You kept me housed safe and warm

When I had no where else to go

You made my children see the light

With what I had to show

I never went to bed hungry

I was always full and fed

I never ended up homeless

I always had a bed

You helped me go back to college

So I could have a new start

I learned to be forgiving

To have no anger in my heart

And through my bible knowledge

I learned that I was good

I learned that I had the potential to be all that I possibly could

The day I became a member

Was a truly wondrous day

I knew without a shred of doubt

That I would always be okay

As I continue with my journey

And learn to worship you

I know with newfound confidence

That your promises really are true

And you will never let me down

I thank you my Lord everyday

You’re the best friend I’ve ever found


By Lori

Star Bucks

As I trade between the stars and the frothy, humulus clouds.

I would trade my Carmel Macchiato or my chocolate skinny soy,

just to hear your joy.

In my quite stir with God, I can hear no fear ,

just the holy spirit near.

 Knowing your float is in the Milkway and you are

with me anyway.

Thank you for giving me Starbucks to trade for God’s Peace.

As I sit and slip through my unemployment demise.

I plead the blood and enjoy my red velvet to share with everyone and just be


Thank You for Your Star Buck’s of wonder time.

As my Green Tea frappie comes to an end.

My consciousness raise to God’s EONS no end.

Jesus sit with me once again, letting me know my heart’s desire is no end.


Amen Amen  Amen


                                                                                      By: Elizabeth Bennett